How to Write Resolutions for Model United Nations Egypt


Presenting a resolution is an important part of the Model United Nations Egypt. And there is no need to worry because writing a resolution is a simple task. The main parts of a composing it is giving a heading, writing the pre-ambulatory clauses and then noting down the operative clauses. Following are the methods of how you can complete the task efficiently.

  1. Giving the heading

The heading must receive the most attention and thus you should take special care while mentioning the following pieces of the most important information: The name of the committee, the topic, the name and particulars of the sponsors and the signatories. The topics and other mentioned parts can be written in any order if sense is being made and you successfully show what you are trying to explain. The name and topic should be understandable and easy so that everyone can understand, especially those who don’t have the language you are writing in as their mother tongue. The authors and composers of the drafted resolution are named the sponsors. The remaining participants or the delegates who talk and debate on the presented issues are the signatories. At time Model United Nations Egypt may require a specific minimum number of sponsors or dignitaries before the presentation of the resolution. So, you must note that it would be good if you have a consensus among them. Different resolutions and clauses are also labeled or numbered that can be either in the order of their passing or acceptance so that referencing while writing other texts and compositions can be easy.

  1. Composing the Pre-ambulatory clauses

These are the types of clauses in a Model United Nations Egypt that state all the issues and problems that the committee wants to debate upon. Most of the time, reasons and causes are mentioned why it is being addressed and why is there a need to work on that issue. The committee will also observe any previous work and action that has been done on that regard and mostly it includes,

  • The previous resolutions and conventions that have already been done on that respective issue
  • The past efforts that could be either governmental or non-governmental that aim to resolve the topic
  • Statements and records published and presented by spokesperson and representatives of the UN
  • The Background info and facts that generally explain the importance and consequences.

Writing these clauses is again a very easy task. Firstly, statements and information are selected that one wants to talk about and then it is combined with an underlined pre-ambulatory phrase. It is ended with a period.

  1. Writing operative clauses

These are the types of clauses that mention the solutions and prospects regarding resolving an issue in a Model United Nations Egypt that is suggested by the sponsors of the resolution. It should only talk about the things and issues that have been previously mentioned in the draft of the pre-ambulatory clauses. For writing operative clauses, selection of the solutions is the first important part. Then it is combined with an underlined operative phrase and continues with other similar clauses. These are also numbered and shows how progressions have occurred which can be later used in further debates.

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